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About Amy

Rev. Amy Graham, MSW is one of the founders of The District Church and serves as the Pastor of Spiritual Care. Amy is a gifted counselor and pastor with a desire to see people experience freedom in Christ, spiritually and emotionally. She is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Social Work and has completed her Masters in Theological Studies at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Amy has over 8,000 hours of counseling experience, mainly working with couples, and has officiated many weddings over the last 12 years. She loves to explore new cities, read, try new foods, lay by the pool, go to the movies and laugh a lot. Amy, her husband Aaron, and their two children, Elijah and Natalie, live in Washington, DC.

Here's What Couples Are Saying About Working With Amy

“My husband and I did premarital counseling with Pastor Amy and found it to be incredibly helpful - so much so that we continued it into our marriage! Pastor Amy’s counsel has been both God-centered and very practical. We have felt understood and not judged, and we’ve left each session feeling empowered to keep communicating openly with each other. Pastor Amy always brings prayer into the sessions which helps us leave feeling at peace & more centered on Christ than when we showed up.”

Counseling Client

“Whenever I’m sharing my story and the story of my marriage with someone, I say “if it wasn’t for Pastor Amy, we wouldn’t be here today”. And I mean that. Amy was the very first person we spoke with in our moment of crisis. She quickly began helping us through counseling, prayers, and resources that were essential for our healing journey. In my lowest and most desperate moment, Amy showed me love, grace, and empathy. She created a safe space where we could share. She gave us language, permission to feel, and direction. She connected us with mentors and support groups. She helped us identify our needs. She spoke truth in love. And she has been consistently walking with us through the pain ever since - pointing us to God, to each other, and to community. Thank you Amy, we wouldn’t be here today without you!”

Counseling Client

““We knew we needed counseling. We knew we needed help. We knew we needed hope. We knew we needed wisdom. We didn’t know that what we needed most was someone who understood and honored our story. To put it simply, we didn’t know we would find a safe place within “the church.” We didn’t know it was possible to find someone with spiritual guidance, therapeutic wisdom, and real personal investment. We came in thinking our problem would be over-spiritualized, that we would be looked down upon, that we would be judged - we were wrong. We found a safe place to share our frustrations, our traumas, our fears, and to be our most true selves without our titles or our credentials or any other heavy fig leaf we’ve gotten used to carrying. We were listened to, we were empathized with, we were cared for. We never felt like a client when we came to see Pastor Amy, we felt like a son and daughter, like dear friends. We have been on a healing journey to know Jesus more deeply and more personally. Our experience with Pastor Amy has illuminated to us how Jesus sits with us in the midst of our pain, not shaming us or judging us, or expecting us to move faster or to “get over it” or to ignore our past. Pastor Amy has been a great example of the Jesus who wants to engage not just our spiritual life, but our emotional life. We are grateful for the ways Pastor Amy would sit with us and stand with us.””

Counseling Client

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